The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound impacts on San Francisco’s businesses and 工人. 在大流行期间, the city experienced historic unemployment and unprecedented small business closures. The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping San Francisco’s economy recover and creating inclusive, 可持续的繁荣.


对于居民和企业来说,鸿运国际APP仍然是一个高成本的城市. The San Francisco Chamber advocates for affordability for both those who live here, 以及维持经济的就业机会创造者.

  • 成本业务– Advocate for policies that streamline and stabilize the cost of doing business, 让鸿运国际APP成为一个可以创业的地方, 维持, 和成长.
  • 小型企业 - San Francisco is one of the most expensive and difficult cities to start and operate a small business. The San Francisco Chamber promotes policies that support the creation of new businesses and entrepreneurs, 特别是来自BIPOC社区的人.
  • 经济适用房 -与城市机构合作, private sector employers and 住房 advocates to lead joint strategies that support 住房 affordability and keep people of all skill levels in San Francisco.


持续的经济繁荣取决于充满活力的商业环境. The San Francisco Chamber strives to achieve an environment in which all businesses can recover, 发展和繁荣.

  • 商业法规 -与立法会议员合作, business industry representatives and stakeholder groups to ensure businesses of all sizes are not hindered by an overabundance of burdensome regulations.
  • 小型企业 – Promote San Francisco’s 小型企业 and formulate favorable public policies to 维持 small business success in the city. Illuminate and 工作 to mitigate archaic policies which adversely impact 小型企业. 
  • 商业税 -确保企业税收负责任地、公平地执行和使用, 以经济可持续性为目标, 共同繁荣, 以及优质的公共服务.


A robust and efficient transportation net工作 is vital to ensuring livable communities, 生产力, 商务, 一个干净的环境. The San Francisco Chamber 工作s to boost transit options and investment in San Francisco and across the region.

  1. 基础设施投资 – Continue to support vital infrastructure projects that will increase and enhance mobility, 同时创造就业和经济利益, 例如未来中环地铁的扩建, 高铁/ Caltrain, Transbay中转中心, SFO 1号航站楼改造等项目.
  2. 公共交通 – Host transportation planning stakeholder meetings and participate in the budgetary process to improve public transit, 交通流, 停车, 骑自行车, and the pedestrian experience and identify new funding without imposing downtown congestion pricing fees.
  3. 雇主承担运输 – Work with employers and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) to maintain 和成长 employer-sponsored transit programs including commuter tax benefits, 公司班车, 中型客运共乘, and other strategies to encourage carpooling and reduce congestion and air pollution.

构建21st 世纪的劳动力

Education and skills are keys to both individual prosperity and economic vitality in San Francisco. The San Francisco Chamber supports 工作force development initiatives that help prepare the 21st century 工作force and ensure a pipeline of future talent for the businesses driving the economy forward.

  • 员工发展 – Support policies and programs that improve student outcomes and pathways to success, 保存鸿运国际APP城市学院, and encourage partnerships that connect the private sector with the city’s public education system.


由于州政府和联邦政府的资金持续匮乏, it is increasingly important for San Francisco to pursue its own initiatives to spur and 维持 economic growth. The San Francisco Chamber advances projects, events, and industries that will lift the local economy.

  • 经济刺激发展 – Support large-scale projects and land use planning efforts that will create jobs, 住房, 和经济效益.
  • 清洁经济 – Continue to support Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) and other initiatives that grow our clean economy, 保护环境, 并在绿色科技领域创造就业机会.
  • 〇“房屋优先政策” Work towards charter reform provisions to expedite the approval of affordable 住房 and support legislation that makes 住房 at all levels easier to build.
  • CEQA改革 – 加入 statewide efforts to reform the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to ensure that vital 住房 and infrastructure projects do not fall victim to NIMBYist (Not In My Backyard) strategies.
  • 吸引和保留业务 – Collaborate with the Office of Economic and 员工发展 and GlobalSF to continue city funding of business attraction and retention programs.


安全和文明是鸿运国际APP高质量生活的必要条件. The San Francisco Chamber aims to ensure that our city is safe for all those who live, 工作, 和访问.

  •  公共安全 -推行留住所有鸿运国际APP居民的政策, 工人, 游客, 小型企业, 和社区的安全. 
  • 街道的行为 -与企业合作, 市政府, and nonprofits to responsibly reduce 首页lessness in San Francisco and encourage civil street behavior. 
  • 有弹性的城市 – 加入 SPUR and other organizations in plans to strengthen San Francisco’s structural and economic resilience following an earthquake or other disaster.


即使是最好的立法构想也可能产生意想不到的后果. The San Francisco Chamber 工作s to hold our representatives at City Hall accountable to fully review proposed legislation, 进行支持长期增长所需的艰难基础设施投资, 并减少过多的流程和不必要的, 繁琐的规章制度阻碍了创新.

  • 立法订婚 -积极参与并教育市长, 监事, 机构工作人员, and the City Attorney on potential public policy impacts during the legislative drafting process.
  • 长期投资 -保卫主要本地, 区域, and state infrastructure projects from misdirected and short-sighted criticism, 比如高铁和水系统升级.
  • 监管订婚 ——积极与市、县领导就发展进行沟通, 实现, and enforcement of regulations that govern the conduct of business and impact the economy.
  • 获批准条例的合法性 – Require more transparency in the drafting of local laws and encourage the City Attorney to prevent enactment of illegal legislation.
  • 选举改革– Partner with local legislators to introduce changes to reduce the number of unnecessary measures placed on state and local ballots.